But it is such a powerful dragon that it has fallen. From this place, it gushed dragon air and suffered a stroke. Zichen sensed a faint dead breath to determine the state of the dragon. It was a wonderful fall.
The fifth chapter 2 fate luck
There is a lot of nature in the land!
However, all this is now in the wind. Even if Zichen knew that there was a dragon corpse in the mountain, he would dig it up now.
The most important thing for Feng Zichen is to fill her stomach.
Feng Zichen kept on walking, and then he heard the thunder coming from the front. When he looked up, he saw a fierce beast as high as a mountain running in the forest.
And with its footsteps, the whole earth vibrates and hums
At the same time, a fierce and tyrannical breath emanated from the fierce beast, which made all the animals in the forest crawl and dare not move.
After about a cup of tea, the earth did not tremble, and the fierce and tyrannical breath disappeared with it.
Well, the fierce beast walked away, probably just passing by here. Zichen really thought so, but soon he realized that he was wrong.
Where the fierce beast passed by, he came to deliver food to him.
I saw that the fierce beast was ten thousand meters high not long ago, and suddenly there was a stupid bird crashing headlong. It happened that there was a loud bang around Zichen, and a large piece of smoke filled it and it took a long time to fade away.
You can tell from the sound that this stupid bird fell hard.
When Feng Zichen followed, she saw a hole several tens of feet in the ground with a big bird about as big as him.
The situation of this big bird looks very bad. It’s estimated that the fall is not light. Look at it. It struggles desperately in the hole, but it finally moves and flies out of the hole.
From this, Feng Zichen came to the conclusion that almost all the bones of this bird were broken, which means that the fighting power of this big bird has fallen to the freezing point and the danger limit is close to
As the saying goes, take advantage of your illness to kill you.
Now Feng Zichen is hungry and remote, just when a bird comes to the door voluntarily, why would he hesitate to jump into the hole and mobilize the strength of the department to blow the stupid bird’s head one after another, ending its painful life.
"Looks like I’m lucky."
While dragging this stupid bird back to the mountain valley, Zichen thought, if it weren’t for his bad luck, where would he have fallen out of food on such a good day?
This stupid bird was obviously impacted by the momentum of that fierce beast just now, and lost its intelligence for a while. Only then did it fall from it, broke a bone and completely lost its fighting capacity, and was picked up by Zichen by the wind.
Just when Feng Zichen was hungry, she fell down and seriously injured a dying idiot bird. Such a coincidence can be lucky unless someone arranges it.
Otherwise, the strength of this stupid bird will really fight in the later days of the day after tomorrow, and it is not certain who will eat it.
So it seems that although Feng Zichen’s strength can’t be reincarnated this time, she is still lucky. What does it say that Feng Zichen wants to rebuild it? It may not be as difficult as he thinks.
It is obvious that the wind Zichen has just been born and her luck is not stable before, so she will be hungry for a while.
With his state, the eye enters a stable state, and it is miraculous.
"It’s hard for me to keep a low profile if I have this luck!" Thinking of this, Feng Zichen sighed, and when he looked down, he saw aura fluctuations in the grass next to him.
When I looked at the grass before, Feng Zichen found two plants similar to ginseng, but it was two hundred-year-old ginseng that Feng Zichen needed at present.
What luck!
Happily put away these two hundred-year-old blood ginseng wind Zichen dragged the body of a foolish bird and continued to walk forward.
After the wind zichen didn’t encounter any rare medicinal materials, she returned to the valley where he was born smoothly.