Of course, the tribal leader of Shennongshen has seen the portrait of Xuanqing, so that he can be recognized at a glance
"Get up!"
"You haven’t answered the question of being original!"
Stretched out his hand to help shennong XuanQing said
"Tell Brother Xian that he is worried about the Terran."
Then Shennong told Xuanqing about the adaptation of the congenital five-spike method to the environment, which led to the food crisis of the Terran.
"So that’s it."
Xuan counted his head.
Then there was a silence.
"Have you ever thought that the congenital five-spike method can adapt to the present environment?"
Xuanqing took the lead in breaking the silence and asked Shennong
"I studied it."
"In today’s era, it is easier for heaven and earth to gradually change the weather before the weather."
"However, the innate five-spike grass is born in the environment after the birth of the law, so it will slowly wither."
"Heaven and earth are easier, but the younger brother of the general trend is willing to reverse it, but his strength is weak, and he can watch the congenital five-ear grain wither into pieces and do nothing."
"It really hurts my heart!"
Wanted to think, Shennong is very strong replied.
"That’s right"
"It’s …"
"Other congenital plants can adapt to environmental changes, but the congenital five-spike grass can’t."
Shook his head XuanQing asked
Shennong expressed his understanding of the idea, but he didn’t agree with it. Everyone knew that it was the general trend. The first reaction should be to follow the trend rather than go against it.
The general trend is irreversible
People who go against the general trend never have a good chance.
Since it is easier for the congenital five-spike method to adapt to heaven and earth, we should try to make him adapt instead of going against the general trend foolishly.
"This is because those innate spiritual plants have changed to the day after tomorrow, so they can continue to live in the world more easily."
There have been studies on these Shennong.
"That being the case, don’t let the congenital five-spike grain also become the acquired thing?"
"Isn’t it possible to live with the congenital five-ear grain?"
Smiled XuanQing said
Chapter five hundred and ninety God beast origin
"Ah this …"
"The acquired thing can’t be congenitally comparable. If the congenital five-spike grain degenerates into the acquired thing, its effect is still unknown."
Almost consciousness Shennong explained
"But if the congenital five-spike grain does not turn into the acquired five-spike grain, then the Terran will have a very serious food crisis."
"And I don’t know how many people will starve to death in this whole Terran food crisis."
"Do you know the importance of Shennong?"
Xuanqing’s indifferent voice reached Shennong’s ear and made him sick there on the spot.