Chapter one hundred and ninety-three The truth of the year
"It’s ridiculous that the red cloud is still a great opportunity, and it’s a happy dream of sanctification all day."
"I don’t know that this is Hung-chun’s death reminder, which will kill him at any time."
The words of the White Tiger Holy Beast subverted Feng Zichen’s cognition of Hongjun’s ancestors. If these words were not said by the White Tiger Holy Beast, Feng Zichen would not believe them at all.
Hongjun Daozu is recognized as the greatest figure in Honghuang.
It is the mysterious Xuanmen Avenue, which gives all beings a way of promotion, which makes it possible for all beings to become great Luo Jinxian.
At the same time, it was he who determined the realm of quasi-holiness, which gave a group of Luo Jinxian a closer way to the mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian.
After Hongjun Daozu sacrificed himself to make up for the lack of heaven, which made the further evolution of the wilderness more perfect, which can be said to benefit all beings in the wilderness
Such a virtuous and good man can be called a moral example, but Feng Zichen can’t accept it for a while because he has become such a calculating generation in the mouth of the white tiger holy beast.
"Don’t you think it’s incredible that Zu Hongjun, the master of all gods, should have such an unknown side?"
Is aware of the wind zichen surprised white tiger holy beast said with a smile.
"It’s really incredible!" Touched the head wind zichen wry smile way
At the same time, he also has some understanding that if Tao Zu Hongjun was really virtuous and good, he would have been killed if he had lived from ancient times to now.
"Hum! That hung-chun can always pretend to be a nice guy. "
"But he’s an old man from ancient times. Who doesn’t know that Hung-chun is the most proficient in calculation and black-hearted!"
Cold hum a white tiger holy beast seems to have thought of something bad, and said with some bad tone.
"In the ancient times, Hongjun, the youngest son, took advantage of his birth and took possession of many things. Even the West never got rid of him."
"In ancient times, he knew that the magic ancestors had planned us, but he didn’t say anything and watched our three families shopping happily!"
"Later, when Hung-chun saw that Luo Wei was robbed of gas from heaven and earth to help his strength rise rapidly, he gradually became no match."
"Then he hurried to the third clan to tell us about the magic plot and persuade us to put hatred on him and deal with the magic door together."
"Then we naively believed Hung-chun’s story and went to the magic gate of Mount Sumi in the west with the master of the three clans to show a life-and-death struggle."
"Because Hung-chun promised in advance that none of the reinforcements would come, a great war broke out, and the masters of the three clans were killed and injured. We were also badly hit, and we were beaten to pieces!"
"Of course, the magic door that suffered such a serious injury was no better than there. Except for the magic ancestors, all the magic door masters died or injured, and the strength of the magic door was greatly reduced!"
"At this time, Hung-chun suddenly came with a group of Xuanmen Immortals to attack Xumi Mountain with the strength of the magic door greatly reduced!"
"And Hung-chun’s thief did such a treacherous thing. At that time, he hypocritically advised me to wait for the sacred beasts of the five elements to suppress the evils of the three families!"
"Bah! Thanks to his great kindness, he left a sentence saying "We are good" and right a sentence saying "We are good".
"If we were really good, we had agreed that reinforcements would come when there was no war, and we had to wait until the end of the war to suddenly appear and come and pick up cheap."
"This is to use our three families as a gun to make us feel grateful. It’s so beautiful that we were blind when we trusted him so much!"
"What nonsense incarnates the five elements of the holy beast to eliminate the sins of the three families? It is because he lost to Luo Luo and had to use our strength to weaken Luo Luo’s strength."
"Everything Hung-chun has done for himself, but what he said from his mouth has become our good."
"It seems that it’s really depressing that I won’t allow the three clans to be extinct!"
The white tiger holy beast said more and more angrily. When it comes to the end, it is almost roaring. It is generally just jumping up and pointing to the sky to scold Hong Jun.
"Then what happened? What magic door strength is greatly reduced, and Daozu still loses to the magic ancestor? "
The wind zichen was listening to the sudden stop of the white tiger holy beast, which made him feel uncomfortable and could not help but ask.
It seems that such ancient secrets as Feng Zichen’s knowledge and income are often distorted by later generations.
Nowadays, the person who experienced it personally told him about the old things in the buried years, which is a great opportunity.
Who doesn’t want to know the truth about the ups and downs in the ancient past that affected the future generations?
Although the words of the white tiger holy beast are biased with subjective emotions, they are too much more true than what they say.
Isn’t this what the White Tiger Holy Beast said that has greatly subverted Feng Zichen’s cognition?
Zu Hongjun, a great private road, has such a disgraceful history.
And the truth that led to the decline of the three clans is quite different in the flood and wilderness.
It is well known that in the late ancient times, the three clans were provoked by the demon ancestor Luo Wei and a world-famous war broke out. As a result, a number of masters fell and the world was almost broken.
Fortunately, Dao Zu Hongjun came forward to persuade the leaders of the three tribes to incarnate the sacred beasts of the five elements to suppress the universe and stabilize the four poles of heaven and earth.
This move not only perfectly solved the collapse of the universe, but also further improved the universe.
Today, Feng Zichen learned the truth of the past from the white tiger sacred beast, and it is well known that the facts are completely different.
The decline of the three clans was actually caused by the decisive battle of the magic door, which was really beyond his imagination. If he went out, he didn’t know what an uproar would be caused.
I haven’t seen any flow in this matter, and I don’t think about it carefully. I know that this matter must be attributed to Daozu Hongjun.
Because all the credit for the magic door battle is attributed to the mysterious door, it can be inferred that his ancestor Hongjun blocked the news, concealed the truth and took everything to the mysterious door.
Otherwise, who dares to offend the sacred beasts of the five elements at the same time and completely erase the credit in the war between the three immortals and demons?
Only Daozu Hongjun has such great strength. Instead of being afraid of the sacred beasts of the five elements, they are afraid.
If it were someone else, the sacred beast of five elements would have knocked on the door long ago, it would have shrunk like this and pretended that nothing had happened.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Taiyi Styx
"Hung-chun’s fellow has a deep mind, which is beneficial to our three clans to weaken the magic door. We have sought the least cost to destroy the magic door."