The patriarch of the ancestral temple saw Suirenshi hurriedly devoting himself to worship.
"well! How come there are you? What about others? " Scanning a circle, Suiren found that the number of Terran elders in the ancestral temple was much less, so he couldn’t help frowning and asked
"They have all gone out to travel!" See people answer the wind zichen said before
"Travel?" Suirenshi is a little puzzled.
Chapter seventy-seven Response
Suiren has been closed for many years, and he has long lost his understanding of the changes of Terran in recent years, so it is normal to have doubts.
Thinking of this, Feng Zichen’s mind moved to merge the Terran changes in recent years into a memory and handed it to Suirenshi.
"Zichen, you are doing very well!"
"If you don’t experience some hardships, you can really grow up. It’s time for Terran to go out and see what great achievements you can make in the East Coast!"
"In the past, it was our thoughtlessness that protected our people too well, which almost caused great disaster and made them useless."
"It’s a good thing that you found out when you stopped things from developing irretrievably. Otherwise, when our people get used to this kind of life, our people will be ruined!"
Browse the wind zichen to news SuiRenShi heart dying unceasingly repeatedly said
Suiren’s family is only one step away from Luo Jinxian! After the wind, Zichen showed that all kinds of terran futures floated in his mind in an instant, which made him foresee the terrible consequences of Terran’s development according to this.
"The fierce beast chaos is a disaster and an opportunity. Since today, the Terran has entered a state of preparing for war. When the fierce beast chaos breaks out, the Terran Fairyland clan department will go out to hunt fierce beasts.
Every ethnic group should kill a fierce beast of the same level at least, or they will not return to the east coast! "Detect the Terran problem SuiRenShi heart immediately have the determination to cold way.
"This … our decree!" Upon hearing this, Suirenshi made the heads of the families look at each other for a long time before Qi Ying said
It’s hard enough for Zichen’s family to travel. I didn’t expect Emperor Sui to be even more cruel and let them hunt fierce beasts directly, but they are not allowed to come back after they finish.
I wonder how many Terran immortals will be left after this fierce beast chaos.
After stepping into the articles of association of Xiandao people, Suiren set his sights on ordinary people.
After all, the Terran was born, but how many people can there be a hundred thousand immortal masters?
Nowadays, most terrans are ordinary people who have not yet become immortal, and they can’t fight back in front of fierce beasts.
"You have the protection of the Notre Dame on the east coast to protect the local people from temporary worries, but what should those who have migrated do?" Suirenshi said with a heavy face
"This is a problem!" Since Yun’s, Yu’s and Lei’s migrated out, nine Taiyi Jin Xian led some ethnic groups out of the east coast and took root in the outside world.
"It’s just that some people are going out to travel. It’s better to let them go to the twelve tribes to pick up the undeveloped Xiandao people!" Wanted to think the wind zichen got up and said
"alas! It can be like this! " Sighed SuiRenShi face nai ground to say
At the end of the day, the Terran is too weak. If the Terran can be as powerful as the Demon and the Witch, it is afraid of fierce beasts and chaos.
"The second brother and twelve tribes will come back in a few days, so please go to the East China Sea to find a land where they live." Get up and say to Youchao’s family.
"Yes!" Youchao nodded and turned and walked to the ancestral temple to find a suitable place.
Then Suiren said to the Terran elders, "Why don’t you bother to count the number of immortals in your respective territory and send them to the ancestral temple for the future?"
"You deserve it!" All the Terran elders went back together and left to follow the statistical list ordered by Suiren.
"I want to go to the twelve tribes to see if I can help!" See everyone has only their own idle wind zichen active mouth way
"If you want to do something, just go ahead and do it. I’m at ease if you don’t ask me!" SuiRenShi slightly tired waved a hand to the wind zichen decide not to ask his permission for everything.
"Then … I’ll be excused!" After a ceremony, Feng Zichen walked away.
Suiren has just had a lot of things waiting for him to deal with, and the Terran has changed in recent years, and he needs to understand them one by one and make plans in combination with the situation.
After Feng Zichen left, Suirenshi also walked out of the ancestral temple and looked around.