"When calculating, it’s time for the Emperor to prove that it’s time to go back!"
"Let’s go …" Satisfied nodded. Pack up the wind Zichen and fly chaos bead to the ground.
It’s time to return to Terran after all this. Maybe it’s just the right time to witness the Emperor’s testimony.
East Coast Terran Ancestral Temple!
A bright light rushed to the sky, and the earth-shattering power swept across Liuhe, causing the sky to pale and tremble.
"Emperor Sui has broken through!"
In the distance, I saw a sky-high beam wind rising from the east coast. Zichen smiled and knew that something had happened. I couldn’t help but speed up the pace and hurry to the east coast.
At this time, the five spirits in the chest of the ancestral temple of the Terran are like five big dragons.
The whole body is covered with golden flames, like the sun shining brightly on the ten sides.
That fire is a fuel fire or a slow fire, and it is endless;
It’s just Daoguang, it’s a brilliant light, it’s a brilliant ratio of human Daoguang.
In the flame, a virtual shadow of a clan emerges. They come to the wild with bare hands and fight fierce beasts with fear of death …
Through all kinds of hardships, through all kinds of hardships, from the road to the road, the blue wisp of thorns and the wild land, one side belongs to its own home.
They are stronger than their firm beliefs, and they are constantly striving for self-improvement. This is a humanitarian spirit that shakes the earth.
Now Suiren has ignited this spirit and his understanding of the avenue and his love for the Terran, and his understanding of fire is burning and helping him push Solomon.
With the burning of humanitarian spirit, the flame of the human body has become more and more fierce, and the heat of terror has been emitted to burn the virtual into the virtual.
This heat burns the protector of Suirenshi, and there are some unbearable ones. They looked at each other and hurried out of the ancestral temple to hide in the distance.
It wasn’t long before they went out, the heat of terror rushed to the ancestral temple and spread around, and then they blinked. It was scorched earth and Wan Li quickly attacked the Terran people.
Suiren, on the other hand, is completely immersed in enlightenment, sensing everything that happens to the outside world, let alone restraining his own strength.
When everyone was in crisis, the goddess of the ancestral temple, Nuwa, suddenly bloomed, and the power of the divine light spread, and the heat of terror suddenly disappeared.
Will Suiren break through the vision and be leaked from the blocked ancestral temple.
A crisp and beautiful sound sounds like a avenue sound, and Sui Ren’s ear keeps echoing and he explains all kinds of puzzles.
This is the testimony of the creator of the Nuwa Terran, Suiren, that such a big move as Luo Jinxian can be concealed from him?
Therefore, Nu Wa, who lives in the Imperial Palace, specially lowered her eyes and came to the ancestral temple of Terran to help Suiren.
Nu Wa helped Xi Xi Suiren to perceive the strangeness of one side and attracted his mind to pull him into it.
Knowing in my heart that it’s a fire line is going to get there, it’s half for him to pick Jin Xian and dare not delay. Suiren hurriedly evaded the true spirit and followed the guidance in his heart to get to the fire line.
Fire, water, wind, thunder and flame can suddenly emerge in the void …
Do everything possible to stop the road robbery and stop his steps.
This is the first difficulty in proving the truth of Luo Jinxian.
Behind the head of Suiren’s family, the splendid golden light of merit emerges, and all kinds of disasters are lightened to open a direct road to fire.